Pack Expo 2021

Finally -- after 18-months of no trade shows, we all have the opportunity to meet each other and see the new equipment we have to offer from our partners at METTLER TOLEDO, EffyTec, Junapack and VDL, all in the secure and well managed
Las Vegas Convention Center. Come visit us to see the latest in product inspection, vertical, horizontal, roll-stock and pre-made pouch filling and sealing. September 27th thru 29th. Scroll down for free registration and entry!

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METTLER TOLEDO helps you comply with governmental regulations through solutions that also boost profits and protect your brand. Our full range of metal detectors, in-line and static checkweighers/scales, Track & Trace and serialization solutions, vision and x-ray inspection systems with customized material handling solutions deliver unmatched inspection capability on all types of bulk and packaged products. Depending on your specific requirements, our systems ensure brand protection and regulatory compliance and can detect solid contaminants, verify product weights, mark and verify packages, ensure accuracy and integrity of packaging and labels, confirm component content, inspect closures, and measure fill levels.

In booth C1814 (central hall) METTLER TOLEDO  will demonstrate several new technologies:

  • The new FlashCell™ load cell enables METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers to achieve industry-leading throughputs. The FlashCell™ load cells weigh products at speeds of up to 800ppm, now able to process products more quickly and reduce product give-away through greater weighing precision. Manufacturers will also benefit from smaller checkweighing system footprints to fit within limited factory floor space.

  • Providing serialization and aggregation of bottles and vials in the pharmaceutical sector, the T60 Integrated 360 Series reduces cost and complexity on liquid pharma packaging lines. The solution gives a 360° picture of a large range of round containers, enabling it to read and verify small product or serialization codes printed directly onto the bottle or on the applied labels.

  • The latest washdown checkweigher is built with the principles of hygienic design and still maintains the high level of precision for which METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers are known. Sloped surfaces discourage

  • liquid collection in corners and edges to avoid bacterial contamination, and conveyor belts can be removed quickly and easily. Systems are also offered as a combination system with a metal detector.


...and they’ll be unveiling an all new x-ray inspection system for high speed confectionery applications
and two new metal detection systems for dry and wet environments.

Effytec, in the Central Hall at C-2625, will be exhibiting an intermittent motion pouch maker. A very versatile model, for small and medium-sized sachets, provided with all the technical features that characterizes Effytec. This machine can be configured for a wide variety of package formats including three-sided seal and four-sided seal flat sachets, pouches with shapes, and pouches with hanger holes and is suitable for many types of products including powders, granulated products, tablets, liquids, pastes and solid formats. In this occasion, the machine is configured to run top partial shaped sachets, containing liquids, for the food industry.


VDL, also in the Central Hall, at C-1651, would like you to stop by to talk about their new washdown VFFS machine. VDL Packaging distinguishes itself by dealing with particularly difficult client requests...think of packaging with special shapes or difficult-to-process films. These sometimes also have to pass through machines at a specific speed. The right shapes, combined with a high processing capacity, is the crux. 

The company recently brought a newly developed machine onto the market - the washdown VFFS machine. "Machines must be cleaned, either with water or detergent. We further developed an existing machine, making it more suitable for cleaning. The new design makes it easy to clean machines. We opted to work with a closed system. Some people prefer working with an open machine. Then you can see everything that gets dirty," says sales and marketing director Martin Barthel.