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Since 1945 the name HI-Speed has been synonymous with checkweighing. Part of METTLER TOLEDO since the 1980's, Hi-Speed is the world's largest manufacturer of Checkweighers for use in Food, Beverage, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and other packaging applications. Hi-Speed checkweigher combine rugged durable operational characteristics with accuracy to ensure the four primary goals of checkweighing are achieved:

  1. Keep underfilled packages from making it into the marketplace to ensure compliance with local weighing regulations.

  2. Help to reduce product waste caused by overfilling and verify product completeness, serving as a critical quality control function.

  3. Provide completeness checks for packages or verify the number of items in a larger package.

  4. Provide valuable production data and feedback that can be used to improve the production process.


Hi-Speed Checkweighers are backed by the resources of METTLER TOLEDO, their national network of field service technicians and iPac support paradigm.

Hi-Speed offers models and configurations for every application including combination systems combining checkweighers with METTLER TOLEDO's X-Ray, metal detection and vision system products. All METTLER TOLEDO product inspection products can integrate with METTLER TOLEDO's ProdX data collection and management system. Contact us now for a review of your inspection application for evaluation and a proposal, or scroll down for some example applications and model overview.

Ask us about METTLER TOLEDO'S industry leading BasicCare, StandardCare, ComprehensiveCare and ExtendedCare service agreement options providing extended warranties and 100% predictable cost of ownership assurance.

Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed

Example Applications (click on image to zoom):

Example Applications

C31 General Purpose Checkweigher

  • Bags, pouches, tubs, trays, cartons, cases and boxes, un-packaged products; the workhorse model that satisfies a majority of needs.

  • 20g to 6,000g (0.7oz - 13lb) weighing range..

  • Up to 200ppm throughput.

  • Dry or washdown applications.

  • Many options, including

    • Remote HMI​

    • Draft shield for enhanced accuracy

    • Statistical program

    • Servo feedback to filler

    • Multiple data interface types

  • Safeline metal detector Combi configuration available.

  • Multiple automatic reject device options

  • C33 PlusLine range takes capability to the next level with:

    • Optional EMFR high accuracy load cell​

    • Throughput to 350ppm

    • Weighing range 7g to 7.5kg (0.25oz to 16lb)

    • Harsh environment capability

  • C21 Caseweigher​ and C35 AdvancedLine expland capabilites further.

  • Chain models for high-wear type products (glass jars, steel cans etc.).

  • Multi-lane configurations available.


CM3 Combi Checkweigher & Metal Detector

  • Combination systems bring Hi-Speed Checkweigher performance with Safeline Metal Detection in a space-saving solution.

  • Utilizes Safeline LS Combi model, PowerPhasePRO or Profile Advantage.

  • Modular construction ensure there is an optima; solution for all needs.

  • More than ten data communications standards supported.

  • Enables manufacturers to easily comply with quality assurance criteria in accordance with FSMA, BRC, IFS, SQF etc.

  • All checkweigehr models and all application types supported.

  • Other Combi configurations available:

    • Checkweighing + X-Ray​

    • Checkweighing + Vision Inspection

    • Track and Trace


Starweigh XS for Precision Excellence

  • Milligram accuracy with intermittent motion weighing in pharmaceutical applications.

  • 21CFR Part 11 functionality.

  • 15" touchscreen.

  • Synchronized pre- and post-fill weighing option for enhanced tare weight compensation.

  • Ensure maximum accuracy and compliance with all industry standards (including FDA and GMP).

  • Complete validation with METTLER TOLEDO EQ pack including local audit trail.

  • Other families for the pharmaceutical industry:

    • C33 PlusLine Pharma with 12" touchscreen for belt-weighing applications; error detection mechanisms such as open flap detection and askew package detection 

    • C35 AdvancedLine Pharma with 15" touchscreen; top and bottom belt for exact and secure product transport of lightweight products and 3g to 1,000g (0.1oz - 35oz) weighing range.

    • Track and Trace solutions

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