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X-Ray Inspection

About METTLER TOLEDO Safeline:

Building on years as the world's leading metal detection company, METTLER TOLEDO Safeline is also the global market leader in the field of X-Ray inspection systems for foreign material and package integrity in the food & beverage processing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. Safeline X-Ray solutions offer maximum detection sensitivity and added value with minimum false rejects and the most user-friendly operation in the marketplace. New in 2022, a family of dual-energy X-Ray systems for enhanced detection of softer (rubber, plastic, rocks & stones) contaminants in difficult applications.


Safeline X-Ray models available for a broad range of application types, including:

  • Packaged products, including bags, pouches, cartons, thermoformed packages, glass jars, PET bottles, steel/aluminum cans...

  • Individual or bulk flow unpackaged products

  • Food service and bulk ingredient bags

  • Final shipper cases

  • Pumped meats, slurries, pastes and sauces

  • Aerosols

  • Blister-packs

  • Multi-lane applications


Safeline X-Ray systems are backed by the resources of METTLER TOLEDO, their national network of field service technicians and iPac support paradigm -- support is further enhanced in the X-Ray arena with METTLER TOLEDO's 5-year X-Ray generator warranty...standard with any standard or comprehensive service contract.

Also available...combination systems combining Safeline X-Ray with Safeline Metal Detectors or with METTLER TOLEDO's checkweigher and vision system products. All METTLER TOLEDO product inspection products can integrate with METTLER TOLEDO's ProdX data collection and management system. Contact us now for a review of your inspection application for evaluation and a proposal, or click the buttons below for some example application types and the available technology levels.

Ask us about METTLER TOLEDO'S industry leading BasicCare, StandardCare, ComprehensiveCare and ExtendedCare service agreement options providing extended warranties and 100% predictable cost of ownership assurance.

MettlerToledo Safeline

Examples from the range (click on image to zoom):


X34 series with automated set-up and enhanced sensitivities

  • Optimum Power Generator from METTLER TOLEDO ensures the ideal power and image contrast levels are automatically set-up for each product.

  • Advanced 0.4 mm detector maximizes detection sensitivity and enables the accurate detection of very small, hard-to-find, physical contaminants.

  • ContamPlus™ enables the set-up and changeover of a new product automatically, without the need for manual adjustments.

  • 10” Capacitive Touchscreen with Pinch and Zoom Capability.

  • Up to 14" product width

  • Dry or washdown applications; IP69K washdown option.

  • Speeds to 200 ft/min, 300ppm.

  • Pusher or air-blast automatic reject device options.

  • A full range of detection capabilities: Metal, glass, rocks & stones, calcified bone, dense rubber & plastic...simultaneous additional inspection checks for product quality and integrity.


Highly configurable X36 series with the highest performance

  • The ultimate range for maximum capability and demanding applications.

  • Available system widths from the narrowest, up to 32"

  • Speeds in excess of 320'min

  • Detector resolutions of 0.2mm, 0.4mm or 0.8mm.

  • X-Ray generators up to 420W, aluminum or beryllium.

  • Multi-lane operation with standard and custom multi-lane rejects available.

  • Fully integrated cooling systems appropriate to the application and environment.

  • IP69 washdown capabilities available.

  • AMI Hygienic construction builds available.

  • No-slip, no-tracking, positive drive conveyor designs available.

  • Varying standard length configurations; custom lengths available.

  • Wide range of reject device options, including retracting belt.

  • Packaged or bulk product inspection.

  • A full range of detection capabilities: Metal, glass, rocks & stones, calcified bone, dense rubber & plastic...simultaneous inspection checks for product quality and integrity -- mass measurement, object checking, closure presence/integrity.

  • Seamless integration with METTLER TOLEDO checkweighers and vision technologies for reduced footprint, easy to use, 'combi' systems.


X37 series for taller and rigid containers at the highest speeds

  • The global benchmark for side-view inspection of rigid and semi-rigid containers

  • For inspecting tubs, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PC or glass bottles, steel cans, aluminum cans.

  • Speeds in excess of 1,000 containers/min.

  • Four model types with endless variants to suit all application types.

  • Full suite of X-Ray capabilities,  features and options in the easiest to use user-interface on the market.

  • Most models install 'no-contact' over the existing conveyor section for easy no-contact installation with no new product transfers or drives.

  • Split-beam configuration of X3730 model provides for improved detection of thin profile contaminants.

  • Top of the range X3750 model inspects through the punt/push-up on the base of glass containers for true 100% inspection of product contents.

  • Varying system length options.

  • Options for IP69 harsh environments (including post-seamer, post-filler) and AMI hygiene builds.

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