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Pouch & Bag Leak Detection

About Fast Line Inspection:

Fast Line Inspections, headquartered in the Netherlands, is an engineering company specializing in leveraging the science of the Bernoulli principle to check for small leaks in flexible pouches of solid or liquid products.

Owned by entrepreneur Frans Elbersen, Fast Line Inspections holds multiple US and European patents on the principles deployed for the precise (down to 0.5mm hole size), on-line 100% inspection delivered by the SealTester products.

The sophistication of the engineering behind the SealTester products is masked by the elegant simplicity of the principles:

Pouches are placed under physical pressure (while being conveyed) and the thickness of the pouch is automatically measured. More pressure is applied and the thickness then measured again -- a reduction in thickness indicates a leak in the pouch!

  • The entry level MAP1 SealTester accomplishes all the above in a single conveyor mounted over existing customer conveyor allowing gross defects to be identified in a small footprint at low cost.

  • The MAP3 SealTester utilizes three consecutive conveyors with the same principles but delivering a higher resolution result.

Contact us now for a review of your pouch sizes and speeds for evaluation and a proposal.

Fast Line Inspections

Available Products (click on image to magnify):

Example Applications
FLI-SealTester-MAP1 Resized.jpg


  • Single conveyor configuration

  • Compact installation; can be installed above existing conveyor equipment

  • Designed for the application, ready to go, systems.

  • Up to 80/min throughput.

  • Dry or washdown applications to IP65

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Up to 12"l x 10"w package sizes

  • Down to 1mm equivalent hole size detection

MAP3M Resized.jpg


  • 3-Conveyor configuration

    • Conveyor 1 squeezes and measures

    • Conveyor 2 squeezes more

    • Conveyor 3 squeezes and measures, compares to data for that pouch from conveyor 1

  • Standalone system

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Up to 180 pouches/min throughput

  • Designed for the application, ready to go

  • Up to 16"l x 10"w package sizes

  • Down to 0.5mm equivalent hole size

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