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Rotary Fill & Seal


With 40 years of experience, JUPACK in South Korea is proud of their cost-effective and robust rotary premade pouch fill and seal technology and fast deliveries, sold in the US under the JUNAPACK brand. 

With Junapack North American headquarters in De Pere WI, Pack & Inspect group clients in the Midwest enjoy the benefits of superior support, cost effective use of capital and innovative design.

Next generation intermittent rotary fill-seal pre-made pouch machines with value-added features that deliver improved
performance to the end user. The captured cam drive system allows for smoother operation at higher speeds as well as savings with lower maintenance. The patented “no jam” pouch feeder reliably delivers the pouches in the correct upright position to the pouch grippers. The cylindrical gripper design has inherent strength and encases and protects the gripper inside for a more sanitary design and easier to clean machine. The gripper springs are protected from product spill and cleaning chemicals, giving them a longer life reducing maintenance costs and reducing the risk of a spring breaking and falling into the pouch. The mechanical linear actuators that open and close the grippers are designed to exert less stress on the gripper group and extend the life of the gripper mechanisms. Final
sealing of the pouch is made via a mechanical cam drive motion that will apply consistent pressure and produce quality top seals.

Contact us now to discuss your application, or download the Junapack brochure here.


Example Products (click on image to zoom):

Example Applications
Spout pouch.jpg

Spout Pouch Fill & Seal

  • Filling and sealing of pouches with spouts up to 80/min.

  • Sanitary design and CIP

  • Captured cam driven, no springs

  • Hot fill, steam injection, N2 gas flush and other options available.

  • IP65 washdown.

Side Gusset.jpg

Side Gusset Pouches

  • Side gusset pouches for Coffee beans, Ground coffee, Wheat flour, Nuts, Detergent powder Ground meals, Seasoning powder, and many other products.

  • Simple and sanitary design

  • Special pouch feeding conveyor design for no jams.

  • N2 gas flush, air suction, dust removal and other options available.


Duplex Operation

  • Dual lane input and output for maximum throughput and efficiency.

  • Up to 100 pouches/min.

  • Many different pouch styles.

  • Special pouch feeding conveyor design for no jams.

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