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UVA Packaging

About VDL UVA Packaging:

A division of the Dutch VDL Group, UVA Packaging is a world-wide leader in the vertical form fill and seal industry, creating flexible product designs that with rapid changeover can produce a wide variety of pouch or bag styles. 

UVA Packaging offers standard solutions that have been developed on the basis of an excellent understanding of the requirements in the market segment. And naturally, the machines can be further refined to meet specific needs; ‘engineering to order’. The UVA engineering group consists of highly trained mechanical and electrical engineers and software developers who combine their knowledge and skills to independently develop new innovations for the market. For instance, UVA Packaging develops countless innovations that contribute to the improvement of efficiency and flexibility of the packaging line. In most cases these innovations can also be added to the ‘installed base’. This retrofit concept is unique in the market.

With their Pack-O-Nomics concept, you can collect management information that indicates where improvements are possible in the
packaging process. This enables you to improve the profitability of your business. Pack-O-Nomics (economics behind packaging) is a unique management information system developed by UVA Packaging.

Available Models (click on image to download brochure):

Example Applications

Butler 4 Series

  • The most economic VFFS system; accepts former sets from all brands.

  • Intermittent motion.


Lima C Series

  • Pillow bags up to 200/min!

  • Block bottom bags up to 140/min.

  • All servo technology controlled motion.

  • Seven bags styles available from one machine.

  • Available in Ultrasonic configuration.

  • Continuous motion


Lima Twinner

  • Dual lane version of the popular Lima series.

  • Double the output on 42" lane centers.

  • All servo technology controlled motion.

  • Seven bags styles available from one machine.

  • Continuous motion


Newton I Series

  • Ten bag styles available with minimal changeover on one machine.

  • Pillow bags up to 120/min.

  • Air deflation and zipper at 50/min.

  • All servo motion technology.

  • Intermittent motion.


Newton TX Series

  • DOY style pouches up to 75/min.

    • 70% less floor space than conventional DOY packaging line​

  • Multiple bag styles.

  • Multiple zipper types

  • Intermittent motion.


600 ST Series

  • Large format bags - up to 31"l x 24"w, 50lb.

  • Up to 60 bpm..

  • Pillow, Block bottom, Gusseted, corner crease of multi-bag.

  • Double servp motor for cross-seal.

  • Intermittent  motion


ATLA Series

  • Sanitary design construction

  • Available for IP66/NENMA4X washdown.

  • 100% Stainless steel - no aluminum)

  • Multiple bag styles, including DOY, DOY with zipper, Pillow and Gusseted.

  • Allen Bradley components


Autosplicer Option

  • Freestanding automatic lap-splice

  • Automatic trigger signal for spliced bag rejection.

  • Seamless installation

  • Quick ROI.

  • Minimum footprint.


Corner Sealer Option

  • Converts any block bottom bagger to 4 corner seals.

  • Works with all bagger brands.

  • Works with intermittent or continuous motion systems.

  • High speed -- up to 98'/min film speed. 

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