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Training & Education

So you have metal detection, X-Ray or checkweighers, but you're still getting consumer complaints? You're not getting the best return from your investment? We can help by evaluating your deployment of inspection technologies and their efficacy.

Need assistance in determining what you need and where you need it for the best balance of consumer protection and capital cost? We can help with a site survey considering all the angles with no bias toward one technology or another.


You have inspection technology deployed, you're doing a good job with it, but your team would be able to deliver more if they better understood the hows and whys of the background to the technologies. Pack & Inspect Group provides on-site education seminars for small or large groups in:

  • Principles of Metal Detection

  • Principles of X-Ray

  • Principles of Checkweighing

  • Radiation Safety Training

Need assistance in setting up a challenge program for your inspection equipment? Need to better qualify/understand its actual capability? We can help. With a combined 50+ years in the food and beverage inspection space, we've probably met your challenges before!

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