Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal


EFFYTEC is a leader in the technology and manufacturing of horizontal pouch machinery, for packaging all type of products from different industries in sachets and pouches: food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceutical and other applications.

With over 30 years of packaging industry experience, their knowledge enables them to provide the optimum solution for every application with the highest levels of performance and quality.

From roll stock or pre-made pouches, multiple filler stations, entry-level or highest levels of throughput, Effytec has solutions for everyone for all kinds of pouches -- stand-up, gusset, zipper, flat, with valve (top or corner), contact us now for a review of your application, or download brochures for various models below.


Available Models (click on image to download brochure):


HB-10 Intermittent Motion

HB-14 Intermittent Motion

HB-15 Intermittent Motion

HB-16 Intermittent Motion

HB-20 Intermittent Motion

HB-26 Intermittent Motion

HB-32 Intermittent Motion

HB-40 Intermittent Motion

GP-32 Intermittent Motion

GP-38 Intermittent Motion

GP-40 Intermittent Motion

GPC-60 Continuous Motion

GPIC Intermittent

HB & GP PMP - Pre Made Pouch